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June 21, 2012


The Global Power Shift from West to East | The National Interest

May 8, 2012


April 26, 2011

ICST Physics Notes from QED Lecture!

I was rummaging around my collection … and had an interesting find!….

కమనువేలుతు ఆటలు

October 19, 2010

ఈ సంవత్సరం డిల్లి లొ జర్గిన కమనువేలుతు ఆటలు మహా అద్బుతముగా అరంబము అయినాయి – వీటిని యుట్యుబు వేబు సైటు పై చూడ వచ్చు .

कॉमनवेल्थ खेलों

October 19, 2010

इस साल नई दिल्ली में हुई कॉमनवेल्थ खेलों बहुत अध्बुथ आरंब किया गया | इस को युट्युबू पर देख सकते …


世界 で 二番 経済 は。。。

October 16, 2010

日本 の 経済 ニュース 分かりました ー 今年 中国 経済 の ほが 日本 より たくさんなります の 経済 で アメリカ は 一番、 中国 二番, 日本 三番 なりました.
実は , アメリカの経済 は4回中国の経済よりも大きい です。

日が一日、中国 経済 は 多く を 栽培 しています。インド経済と同じです。

それでも インド の 生活と 中国の生活 は ちがいます。

インド の 都市 に 生活 は たくさん 忙しい とか 五月蝿いとか 乱雑なとか。。。もし  あさ から 晩まで 一つ 仕事 を んらいました 。。 とても 嬉しい

アメイカ の 都市 に 生活 は とても 高いが 簡単 。。。でも 経済 は くらい です。



工程师 回家

September 21, 2010

从 差不多 十年前在中国 和印度 的经济发展很 大 还有很快, 可是 从 两年 前 在 美国 发展 少。
现在 北 加州 有 很多 工程师 没有工作, 很麻烦。
许多 工程师 回他们 的国。
然后 常常 他们 开 新 公司, 有 新产品, 希望 买 卖 对美国 和 世界。 我的印象, 然后, 他们 有 希望 买美国和欧洲的公司。 经济 很有意思 阿。。。。

Days of heat and dust … and frenetic activities

July 7, 2010

Was back in Hyderabad, India for about a month. Extremely hot — dust and pollution is high — however there is still a buzz about the city in terms of the growth. Seems like all the major IT companies and some of the banks from US and Europe and even China have a presence here — ranging from Google, Oracle, Microsoft to Bank of America, Wells Fargo. Not sure how they cope with the inefficiencies and difficulties I notice.

I had some interesting experiences in the hospitals here — as I had the misfortune of visiting them because of family.
There has been a rapid growth in hospitals and schools in the last few years. These places churn out patients and students — almost with a manufacturing/factory conveyor belt efficiency. The core services seem very high in quality and they seem to have the latest equipment. The flip side is that the notion of “customer is king” seems at a relatively early stage with the non-core services. Individuals try to be helpful, the system level communication and discrepancies are endemic – post-op care, patient communication leaves a lot to be desired. I guess we became information junkies in the west and that is not a common thing in Hyd. –  at least at present!

In the same note — if the average person in some job is asked a question — there is always an answer — quite often the notion of not knowing the answer and admitting to it is rare — definitely frustrating when you are not used to handling that dynamic — so you will always get an answer — probably not the correct one!

I would often see two Indias — the Bureaucratic Raj and the consumer driven capitalistic one. The second one is totally flooded with money and not necessarily in a good way – at least the downturn affected the property prices and put the local realtor ‘agents’ in place.

I would say that I was very happy to get one major thing done in a day — extreme amount of running around to achieve that.

I wonder how the US and other Foreign companies such as Facebook, Google, Credit Suisse etc handle these dynamics — mind you the productivity is growing by leaps and bounds and comparable to the big growth phase in developed countries several decades ago.

One of the interesting things was to see Chinese and Japanese visitors and business people in the inbound flight — an un-heard of  destination even five years ago — apparently the Japanese visitors were scoping out bio-tech manufacturing and the Chinese visitors apparently visiting temples — not sure if they were the historical or hi-tech ones. I did catch both of them off guard when I switched to their languages…!

Quite a lot of other interesting experiences and also comparisons to some of the Chinese business culture I experienced when visiting Beijing and other places.

Will add more next time I get a chance.


February 15, 2010

Is there a turnaround in the US ?

Certainly the buzz is not the same that I saw/felt in India and China. It feels like the wild wild west in these places  — India is raucous, vibrant and frenetic. China feels a little more organized — mind you they had a few years head start! The structural changes of the society in these countries is quite phenomenal — rapid middle class segmentation along with its growth.

I am still of the opinion that the cutting edge R&D is still dominated by US and Europe in many sectors — at least from the last 100 yrs. I predict that this will change too in the coming decades — why ? — thats a topic for another time.

However, there appears to be an upswing in optimism and job ads — not as downcast as about a year ago. Most people I talked to think it will take another year to get some wind into the sails.

Hello world!

January 29, 2010

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